Sunday, July 18, 2010

In the studio: we must paint

When I wrote about the boat-making we've been up to lately, several of you gave me your support for describing more of the kids' work here. I'm thinking about regular "in the studio" posts--sometimes with detail, sometimes just a photo or two--to share some of what we do. Let's say weekly, shall we? Please forgive me when I lapse, as we know I will! (I will edit out faces and names for the children who aren't mine, however, for their families' privacy.)

When the children are quite young--toddlers--they often connect an activity to my house. If they did it the first time they were here, it becomes the thing they associate with the place, and they expect to revisit the experience each time they come. One little girl associates painting with the studio right now. So when she's here, it's time to paint. Here are she and Lucy, exploring the feel of paint on their--and each other's--hands. (You can also see some toes--that's me, and another girl, stringing a necklace on the nearby table. There's none of that "we're all painting now" here--everyone works on their own thing.) It's a pretty bad photo, but you take what you can get when there's drippy paint flying off the hands of two busy toddlers!

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