Sunday, April 25, 2010

Reading and digging in the mud

It's been a very full weekend! In between lots of cheering-up-the-teething-toddler,

I got to the library:

(couldn't resist that $1 Fannie Farmer cookbook from the sale shelf, though it seems an odd combination with the one below it!)

Admired the effect of the rain on the now-looking-lush gardens:

And got my new plants in the ground:

Hope you found some time for relaxing this weekend, too.
I forgot to take pictures for the Great Outdoor Challenge again! Here's what I wish I'd photographed:

Lucy, sitting in an overtaken-by-weeds yard, picking dandelions with her 5-year-old friend, her arm around his shoulder.

Or when she pointed to a magnolia tree and later a wisteria vine, then to her nose, and said "mmm!"

Or when she sat with me on the steps, pulling leaves off the garlic mustard plants we'd foraged across the street, in preparation for dinner, again saying "mmm."

Can you picture it?


Child in Harmony said...

Most definitely can picture her ..precious :)

Love the stack of books ...especially A Child's Garden !

happy day

Ruby said...

I own nourishing traditions and have high hopes of eventually synching our family with it's principles but have not gotten close, yet. Is it new to you?
And BTW I am having a giveaway over on my blog so come over and play :)