Saturday, April 10, 2010

On her own two feet

Lucy and I went for a hike today. This was her first hike on her own two feet, and she walked nearly 1/2 a mile! Sometimes, it looked like this:

And sometimes, it looked like this:

And usually, there was a great big grin, like this:

It took us a very long time to walk that 1/2 mile. Lucy was very interested in all the sticks she found along the path, and stopped every few minutes to exchange the ones in her hands for new ones. Did you know...
there are smooth sticks and bumpy sticks?
sticks are good for teething?
you can re-adjust the stick in your hand so you can hold mama with the same hand?
sticks break with a satisfying snap?
when you break a stick in two, even if you line up the two ends perfectly and hold them together just so, they won't re-connect?
and strangest of all, some sticks just won't break:

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Child in Harmony said...

Absolutely precious. . . ahhh enjoying a walk through the eyes of a child.

naomi said...

Hi Lise, thanks for stopping by my blog!
What precious photos of your daughter. She is just gorgeous with her chubby little cheeks and beautiful smile! Looks like a lovely place for walking and exploring.

atouria said...

What great photos! I love all the exploration going on and the patience you must have to go along at Lucy's pace. I think we'll have to head off to some local trails very soon...

Anonymous said...

hey there! i have been really enjoying your get kids outside series. we get out most days, even when we lived in cordova, home to 180 inches of precipitation/year! nevertheless, a little kick in the pants reminder is always good.
i remember when our daughter was about that age, we took a trip to the canyons of northern az, and if we let her go her own pace i swear she'd walk almost two miles! i was floored, had no idea a barely-toddler was capable of such. sadly, i've gotten less patient, and lately she rarely walks a half mile before i encourage her to climb in the stroller...