Monday, April 12, 2010

Independence Days challenge: everything's coming up!

Time again for Sharon's Independence Day's Challenge. It's been an exciting week in the garden: suddenly everything is coming up.

(one of the raspberry canes that somehow survived the winter frozen in a pot and is now thriving in the ground)

1. Plant something:

(the lettuce I planted two weeks ago)

2. Harvest something:
Eggs. Chives. Sorrel. Good King Henry. Dandelion greens.

(last year's kale, which still looked green when I cleared out the bed this spring, so I left it; sure enough, it's re-leafing)

4. Waste not:
An obvious thing for better cooks than we are, but something I was proud of: faced with the rock-hard leftovers of a loaf of bread, I made a bread pudding of sorts for the kids' breakfast, using eggs, dried blueberries, and dried mulberries. It was a hit. Normally, that bread would have gone to the chickens, or, at best, be used as bread crumbs.

And I cut way down on disposable paper this week by putting a bag of hankies within easy reach in the kitchen: a fresh one handy whenever needed. Now I'm using those for family and the tissues only for the kids in my early childhood program.

7. Eat the food:
I made a yummy end-of-storage-beginning-of-greens meal this week: mashed potatoes (colored and lightly flavored with turmeric) topped with sauteed greens (chives, sorrel, good king henry, dandelion), garlic, and toasted pine nuts, with a peach crisp for dessert. Lucy approved!

Also tried a new recipe--good for spring with lots of eggs and stored tomatoes--which was a big hit with the kids (it was one of their lunches, with toast and green beans on the side). And I made a not-as-yummy casserole (would have been so much better with dairy!) of potatoes and eggs and ramps. Disappointing, but I was pleased that most of the meal came from our yard.
And outdoor play? One of today's projects was trying to move this great big log a friend salvaged for us. It's headed back to our digging area in the woods, where I hope to eventually have many more logs for use as tables, chairs, jumping-off places, and whatever else the kids might need.

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5Gratefuls said...

You're amazing. I've always known that. But sometimes it strikes me harder than other times.

5orangepotatoes said...

Have I told you that I have a memory of living in a purple house as a very young mom says this is not true, but we would drive by a purple house that I would cheer about every time. It's a funny story that she brings up still and I still think we lived in a purple house. I can't wait to tell her about your wonderful house!


Luisa said...

Love to see what's growing and the log rolling. We're definitely going to have logs in our yard! Logs instead of a swing set any day