Thursday, August 27, 2009

Apron days ahead

It's been a crazy month around here. Wrapping up the school year, preparing for the new one, planning a visit to the in-laws for the one week in between, preparing for my re-licensing visit, plus all the day-to-day stuff that is life-with-a-new-baby-in-a-house-you-have-to-keep-presentable-because-it's-also-your-place-of-business...Well, you get the picture. Never mind that the summer's almost over and we've put away next to no food for the winter, we who have pledged to eat locally...

Tomorrow's my last day before I have a week off. Then there's a crazy day of laundry and packing, followed by a 12-hour train ride. I'm hoping after that, things might actually slow down a bit. Maybe I'll get to spend a day on the beach. Maybe, when I get home, the blueberries and the peaches will still be ripe for the picking, and I'll be able to do some serious canning.

In the meantime, I can dream. I found this lovely apron at the thrift store a few weeks back, and I'm looking forward to the day I can tie it on, think nothing of work, and lose myself in the satisfying task of filling those hundreds of jars waiting so patiently in the basement.

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