Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A fresh start

(slipcover, temporarily stalled in progress)
As all the various bloggers started writing about their one-word resolutions this year, one phrase kept coming into my head: "a fresh start." So cliched, for the new year. And yet, it was just what I was craving--desperately needing--in so many aspects of my life. And so "a fresh start" has become my mantra.

I've found myself very motivated so far in 2012, and I've been riding that wave of motivation to create a fresh start in my home. (When my environment is beautiful, it's so much easier for me to create a fresh start in other areas as well.) It has meant very late nights and very little time for blogging, but what a thrill to finally get to some things that have been bugging me for ages.

(Bathroom, on its way from the calming lovely blue we've had too many years to an exciting red; temporarily stalled, too, due to the unfortunate purchase of horrible cheap paint. Benjamin Moore, I do love you.)

(Hallway, being transformed from dull tan to lively pink. I have a hard time with change. Both of these new colors are shocking to me at the moment, but I trust that in the end I'll love it.)

(Andi, motivated to tackle the hallway by a friend visiting from Virginia. Sometimes a friend's help is exactly what's needed to get a fresh start!)

(Still scraping windows.)

Back to work!


Julie said...

Looking good Lise! Keep up the good work. You will come to love the new colors. Once everything is pulled together, fabrics, frames, and such. You have always inspired me to take risks with color so it is great to see you using your own advice:) Here's to risk, change and a fresh start!

Julie said...

Love the look on Andi's face:)

Deb said...

Yay for a fresh start! Perhaps you will inspire me to tackle my own painting project--but just a crisp, clean white for me. And maybe a chalkboard paint wall or two.

Luisa said...

Go with those lovely colors!