Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Simply Ten

It's been a ridiculously long absence. My life, my mood, my time, these past few months have not been conducive to blogging. But I'd rather not dwell there. I'm hoping that coming back here to share the beautiful little moments of life will help. What better way to begin than to join Soulemama for "simply ten good things?" Because there are always good things, if we only look.

So, here they are, simply ten good things:

1. a trip to Maine at just the right time to savor the last bit of summer
2. the thoughts and ideas and constant chatter of a brilliant two-year-old
3. apples, and the right tools to process them
4. the incredible variety of mushrooms in the woods right now
5. fingerpaint
6. good rain gear
7. a breeze and peek of sun after weeks of gray and rain
8. a sleeping baby in my arms
9. being able to call her my baby, though she's so clearly not
10. the incredible freedom of my new Fridays off, now dubbed "Mama-Lucy day."


Luisa said...

Glad you're back. Those long absenses happen sometimes when life take us away. Lucy is getting so big and cute! She must love those Fridays.

muffinmoon said...

Welcome back! I love that apple peeler, must find one as Frank would adore it. Tomorrow is Friday, I shall think of you and your beautiful girl enjoying the day together. Much love.

Julie said...

Yeah, you're back! Look forward to seeing what is happening in the purple house:)

Kate said...

Welcome back, I missed your blog. Wishing you all the best.