Sunday, October 9, 2011

In the works

There's something about fall that gets my creative juices flowing. I can hardly believe it, but I finally pulled out my sewing machine after months of it gathering dust. I was up late last night, working on a pair of pants for Lucy. She woke calling for me before I could finish, but I'm close! I have lots of other plans, too, if I can just find the time. Can't wait to share a finished product here again soon!


Luisa said...

Can't wait to see the pants. I know what you mean about fall my creative juices are flowing too much. I can't wait to break out my sewing machine soon. Got a new one a few months ago and it's still in the bag.

Stephanie said...

Darling material for pants!! l Love it.

Lise said...

Thanks! Lucy loves birds, so when I ran into Joann's for some pillow forms and passed by this sale fabric, I couldn't leave without a yard.