Sunday, September 19, 2010

Garden Girl Dress

I sewed something! I can't quite believe it, since it feels like forever since I sat down at the sewing machine. But I saw this deal the other day, and I'd been feeling like Lucy needed a few more long-sleeved dresses, so it seemed too good to pass up. I bought this pattern right away*, and knew if I didn't get to it soon, it would join the giant projects-to-get-to-someday heap.

My first thought was to make it from an orange checked men's shirt I had on my to-refashion pile. I thought it would be cute with the buttons up the front. But that shirt was super-wrinkled, and I knew I would not be ironing Lucy's play dresses! But then I remembered some super-cute 30s-esque fabric I'd bought last summer (I googled it so you could see a close-up, and found some here), and decided the orange shirt would be great as an accent. Lucy loves to dig (any time we ask "what did you do today?" she answers "dig"), so the little gardening girls with shovels are a perfect choice for her right now. I re-used the shirt's pocket, but puckered the top for little-girl cuteness, and added a vintage button.

The dress went together easily (I especially loved the method of putting in the sleeves). If you make one, though, I'd advise two things. First, there was a 12-18 month size and then a 2T size. Lucy wears 12 or 18 month dresses, but I didn't want her to outgrow it too soon, so I made the 2T. You can see it fits just right (and she's short!) Second, I'm not quite sure why the pattern calls for you to make wider pieces for the back of the sash than for the front. I put a pucker in it as I sewed so the edges would line up, and that looks all right, I suppose, but I wonder what was intended. Otherwise, a great pattern, and well worth the price. I know I'll be making it again (it goes from 6 months to 5T). I've got a soft, fine-waled blue corduroy that I think would look great for the next one... (edited to add: turns out the sash difference was an error, and she's fixing it. Yay for responsive sellers!)

*I have no connection to this shop, just bought the pattern and liked it.


muffinmoon said...

It's beautiful, Lise. It's a longish shot but do you know of any good sewing patterns for boys trousers (pants to you!) and tops that aren't too suit-like? Any blogs that might give me a clue?
ANyway, way to go ongetting this sewn and Miss Lucy is looking very fine indeed.
Loving the pictures of the foraging too. We are just off out now to do eaf rubbing and then go to the library. Homeschooling is such fun for parents too!

muffinmoon said...

That was "LEAF RUBBING"! We don't rub eafs, they don't like it much !!!

Bibliophile By the Sea said...

The dress and the girl are steeped in cuteness! Great job

Annie said...

She is beyond adorable! Love the dress.

Stephanie said...

Could be the cutest thing I've ever seen... the babe or the dress - you decide!! :)