Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Because surely I needed some more...

...I went to one of my favorite book sales with a friend this weekend. Oh, did we have fun! As is our habit, we scanned the tables, pulled anything that looked tempting, stuffed it into a bag (two giant tote bags just for me!), and then sat in a corner weeding through the piles, trying to make ourselves put some back. I was good--my put-back pile was as big as my must-have pile. But still, I came away with this many new books. Oh, did I get some treasures! I've just barely started really reading them all, but so far, I'm very excited about:

Fairy Tales by e.e. cummings. Really?!? Who knew? And they look fabulous.
A beautiful edition of Pinnochio.
That Pablo Picasso book on the right above, to add to a series I've been slowly collecting at book sales for the studio.
An Anno book I didn't yet know.
Our Friends in Spain--a learn-Spanish book with fabulous vintage illustrations (right now, my group of kids includes one whose mother is from Spain, and another who recently lived in Spain for 4 months).
A book that's been on my wish list since being recommended by a favorite blogger.

There's more, more, more; I'm off to take a closer look at them and get them cataloged on Librarything. I've got to hurry, because my absolute most-favorite best-ever sale is coming up very soon!


Luisa said...

That Pablo Picasso looks good. I have to organize agood kids book list. The Vintage Books Blog is one of my favorites too.
Looks like you scored big too! Alright it's a good book week!

muffinmoon said...

What great booty ! Um that might mean something else in your version of English ... I meant it in the sense of pirate treasure, which is caled booty here.
I love picking up books like that. Such a feeling of delight and discovery.
Thanks for your comment on my blog and I am happy to have introduced you to the word "scrumping". It is only used for apples and is when they are found free and wild. The alcoholic drink made over here that we call cider is also called "scrumpy" in the West of England. Often homemade and so strong it can fell an adult after one glass! Apparently it also gives you a horrific hangover.