Friday, November 20, 2009

Dum ditty dum!

Your camera is nicer than mine. Because mine has already died a very untimely death. *!#*@ lens error! Back to the drawing board.

So, here's a story from 2 days ago...before it died.

This is where you'll find me most mornings: curled up on the couch, surrounded by a heap of children and books. On this particular morning, we'd already read a pile of books, had our snack, and moved on to projects in the studio. There was glitter confetti flying everywhere, and intense big-kid projects in danger of little-kid hands, so I returned to the couch with the "littles." I pulled out a favorite book--Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb by Al Perkins--and read it once. As I started it again, the two-year-old left and returned with "a drum so I can play it when you read." I added another for Lucy, and we were off on several more raucous readings.

"Hand, hand, fingers, thumb.
One thumb, one thumb drumming on a drum.
One hand, two hands drumming on a drum.
Dum ditty, dum ditty, dum dum dum!"

(Shall I go on? I could--I've got the whole thing just about memorized.)


Luisa said...

I just have to say Lucy is just too cute. I love the poems all over the house so inspiring to motivate kids.

Vegbee said...

my favorite book from childhood! my kids love that book now too, and my boy is just freaky over the drumming (hit the drum, not mom! or sister, or the cat, or the stove...)

sorry about the camera. mine is still going strong, though it's not a perfect fit for us. I notice with my large lense there is plenty of room for children's finger prints. Oh, and the thing is so heavy that we stand a chance of braining the boy everytime we bend over while wearing the strap. Hope your next goes well :)

Lise said...

Somehow, I missed this book as a child, myself. It was thanks to some blogger that I found out about it. I wish I could remember which one so I could thank her! It was a mama, reading rhythmic books to her boy.