Saturday, September 5, 2009

Independence Days challenge, week 18

I wasn't able to post this while we were on vacation, so here it is, Sharon's Independence Day's Challenge:

1. Plant something: No.
2. Harvest something: Eggs. A few grape tomatoes, and the usual herb-garden run-by kid snacks.
3. Preserve something: 3 1/2 qts canned peaches, but one quart jar broke as it touched the water (argh!).
4. Waste not: Nothing new.
5. Preparation and storage: Finally, I added some food to our much-depleted storage--just a bit, but a start! I got 25 lbs dried black beans at our co-op on sale; now I just have to get in the habit of actually thinking ahead and soaking them. Also added 3 cans of baking powder.
6. Build community food systems: Well, we're visiting family, demonstrating our "freakish" local-food eating habits when we buy food. I doubt it will change any minds, but it's at least one step toward normalizing what seems weird to others.
7. Eat the food: Nothing new.

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