Monday, July 6, 2009

Where the wonderful books are

One of the blogs I absolutely must read every day is Vintage Kids Books My Kid Loves. Like me, "scribbler" is a children's-book lover (have you seen my obscenely-large, beautiful collection of children's books? Some might say I'm addicted. Some might say it's hard to maneuver around the piles. Others might relish every word, every illustration, and every minute spent snuggling up with a child, sharing the joy.) She has a special fondness for vintage books, and, apparently, amazing skills at finding vintage treasures at bargain prices. And every single day, she reviews another one. The part that really shocks me is how often she reviews books I've never seen (I know more children's books than anyone I know, and yet...) She's dangerous to my wallet; my wish list is full of books she's reviewed. And, as if that's not enough...every Monday, she gives away a vintage book to some lucky reader. This time, I won! What a treat! I wasn't paying enough attention when I was reading (might have something to do with a teething baby...) and mixed up which book was being offered this time, so I won one I already own: "Where the Wild Things Are." No matter. It's a classic that every kid should have, so I'll give it to one of the children in my early childhood program. Anyway, if you have any interest in children's books, or vintage books, or good design, go check out her blog (in fact, if you go right now, you can enter to win "The Big Orange Splot," another wonderful book...).

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scribbler said...

thanks for the love.... if you wanna pick a different book five dollars or less from my shop, I'll totally send that instead.

just shoot me an email if you find one you like better.

it's no sweat! there is so much good stuff to be had!

scribbler said...

also i was looking at your collection and you totally need to do a guest post... what awesome stuff!

the rules are here... check it!