Monday, July 27, 2009

Independence Days challenge, week 13

Time again for Sharon's Independence Day's Challenge:

1. Plant something: No.
2. Harvest something: Eggs, grape tomatoes, lovage, chives, blueberries (from a local organic farm), currants (total harvest this year: about 8 berries. Pooh.)
3. Preserve something: Froze blueberries.
4. Waste not: Nothing new.
5. Preparation and storage: No. (Wow. I've been terrible this summer!)
6. Build community food systems: I feel pretty good about this area, because I'm raising/teaching children who know where food comes from. We've been making daily rounds of the garden this week, assembling what amounts to a salad-in-the-hand: a leaf of lettuce, a chive, a piece of lovage, a grape tomato, a currant, etc., and then gobbling them up as a snack on the spot.
7. Eat the food: I made a great pasta salad this week with tons of cucumber, scallions, and radishes from the farmer's market and lovage and chives from the garden. We've been eating well from the farmer's market, too: fresh salsa, peaches, green beans, etc, etc, etc. I made two delicious zucchini breads, and realized just how far I've come in learning how to really cook (i.e. not just follow a recipe)--I was able to figure out several successful substitutions for ingredients I didn't have. (All that practice from eating out of storage in the wintertime.) That said, I'm realizing just how depleted our stores have become, and I need to do a big huge shop to replenish.

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