Monday, April 6, 2009

Small projects=instant gratification

Sometimes, you just need a little instant gratification.  When I've had a moment to slip away this week, I've squeezed in some little projects for that quick satisfaction of something--anything!--completed.

My latest favorite quick project is these 10-minute headbands:

I made these using vintage sheets (recognize the bottom one, which matches Lucy's dress?).  The pattern is from a tutorial at Blue Bird Studio, and it really does only take 10 minutes.  I love them--they're comfy, and stay pretty well in my fine-as-a-toddler's hair.  A scrap of fabric, a few minutes, and a hair elastic, and I've got a springy new accessory.  Next time, I'm going to try two layers of fabric--suede on the bottom to give it better grip in my hair, and a printed fabric on top.

An even easier project, but one that gave me great satisfaction, was adding the ribbons to these washcloths and hand towels:
We don't use many disposables in this house, so in the early-childhood program I run from my home, all the children have a washcloth for each day and a hand towel for the week, marked with their own color of ribbon.  I made this new batch for our daughter, Lucy, who's now officially one of the group.


dana said...

Thanks Lise! Good luck with the dress!

llyee08 said...

Lise I love the website so far. The headbands are soo cute! I'm going to add that to my sewing projects for the girls. I'm looking forward to more.
Luisa(Julie's friend)