Friday, April 17, 2009

52 to go

On the twin bed in Lucy's room, we have a beautiful vintage quilt that I found at a thrift shop for only $2. It's what inspired the turquoise and red color scheme, and looks gorgeous on the bed. Unfortunately, every time someone sits on it, it tears a bit more, and several of the patches are simply disintigrating: not the best choice for a baby's room! Before she was born, I'd been collecting fabrics to make her a crib-sized quilt, but after 2 baby showers and many visitors, she'd received so many blankets and afghans and quilts, it was clear she had no need of more. So my little crib quilt project turned into a much bigger replace-the-twin-bed-quilt project.

So slowly, slowly, I've been piecing together blocks in a crazy log-cabin style. I have four now--only 52 more to go!

Clearly, I'm still learning. Sometimes the pieces end up too wide; other times too narrow. But overall, I'm pleased with it so far.

The fabrics are mostly a random collection of things I picked up used: sheets, shirts, dish cloths, etc. There are a few bits of new things I picked up at Jo-Ann's to round it out. Then there are two really special fabrics. Sweet Dreams, which I bought from Reprodepot because I just couldn't resist its adorableness (perfect for a household with chickens), and a beautiful yellow fabric with gnomes, which is just the softest, loveliest cotton, given to us as gift wrap on a shower gift (edit: I see now it's from Heather Ross' "lightning bugs and other mysteries" line).

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