Tuesday, May 22, 2012

We've got mail

I was very excited to discover Lucy quietly at work in the studio this morning, on a project of her own design.  She'd collected clay, twist ties, wooden beads, and bamboo from their various places and brought them all to the table.

When I came in, she was just beginning her second in a three-part series (one for "mommy, mama, and Lucy--our whole family!"):
As she finished each one, she ran across the studio
to deliver them to our mailboxes.  (There's one there for each of the kids in our early childhood program, as well as for Andi and I.)
(I've just recently returned from a Reggio-inspired teachers' conference at which Lella Gandini described the three-year-old classrooms' mailboxes being transparent, because three-year-olds might put anything in there, such as a half-sucked lollipop.   :-)  So the intentionality in three-year-old Lucy's mailed gifts particularly struck me today.)


Deb said...

I love that you're catching Lucy in the act with your camera! I never seem to have a camera nearby for these moments. I love the three-part art project.

Luisa said...

That must have been fun to find in their mailboxes :)

Meryl said...

I always love getting treats in my mailbox--can't imagine the kiddos felt any differently! ;)