Monday, December 21, 2009

Presents in the mail

Ok, here are two presents that are safe to show, finished at the last second and now in the mail. (Please excuse the horrible nighttime photography, but they were finished late and had to be at the post office first thing this morning!)

First up...a scarf for a 16-year-old girl who likes vintage accessories. I asked a friend for suggestions of something wonderful that I could make quickly, and she thought of the perfect thing, inspired by Soulemama (of course.) Her scarf for Adelaide was gorgeous and seemed just right (made with all linen, rather than wool, for a southerner.) I was able to find a few good table-runners at Goodwill and combined them with a linen dress I'd bought there earlier (for another project yet to come) and bits of crocheted lace I'd saved years ago from a torn pillowcase. I'm quite thrilled with the result. I hope she will be, too.

Next, a hat for a guitar player. Again, I took inspiration from Soulemama, basing the design on the recycled sweater hats in her book Handmade Home. However, my crummy printer won't enlarge patterns, so I had to just draw it approximately. It came out ok, but next time, I'm going to have that pattern printed for me. It's modeled here by a friend, and admired by Lucy (who's having a bit of "air time" before bed, a rarity in the winter!)

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Natasha said...

oh,i love the scarf,what a lucky girl.