Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fabric hunting on vacation

Long time no post...because, thank goodness, we're on vacation! We're on our now-annual trip to Bar Harbor, Maine. Will post more crafty goodness soon; I finished up my "Bend the Rules Sewing" "Pleated Beauty Handbag" in the car on the way up here, and am using it as my giant touristy purse/diaper bag/mom carry-all. It's been working great. I was thrilled today when the woman in the fabric shop noticed it and asked if I'd made it.

What? Fabric shop? Aren't I on the beach, or hiking up a mountain, or browsing the cute towns? No...I'm escaping for a few hours, given a break from my miserably crying baby by my wife. Let's talk about something more pleasant...

So I went to a tiny new in-town fabric store, a bigger just-over-the-bridge fabric store, and a huge surplus store which has fabric, and had a great time browsing all three. I saw fabrics and lines I'd only seen before on blogs, and got a few little bits to keep--a gorgeous Amy Butler print for me, the Alexander Henry cars one for a friend whose son will love it, and three great prints to add to Lucy's quilt. I wanted so much more! I can see how people amass crazy stashes.

Photos to come...

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