Sunday, March 29, 2009

Finally succumbed

Well, it seems I've become a blog-reading addict. It started with green bloggers, then recipes, then crafty I'm hooked. Suddenly, I can't make something without taking a picture of it for my imaginary blog. I guess it's time to make it real. So here it is, my first crafty post.

I've been on a sewing binge ever since I set up a sewing closet in my bedroom a few months ago--just in time for the birth of our daughter. Here are the first pair of shoes I've made for her--not perfect, but I'm happy with them as a first attempt. I used the free pattern for "Bitty Booties" from Heather Bailey. They're made from a felted wool sweater. I used yellow rick-rack and yellow and green buttons to coordinate with a dress and bloomers I made recently. Warm, but with springy colors--good for spring in New England.

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